Cerence announced its Cerence Mobility Platforms for Automotive, 2-Wheelers and Building Mobility. A focused, strategic approach to the company’s growth, Cerence Mobility Platforms deliver industry-leading innovation to three core areas of mobility – automotive, two-wheelers, and buildings – bringing voice-first, AI-centric experiences to consumers’ daily lives throughout their journeys.

This announcement follows the unveiling of Cerence Drive 2.0, the company’s core AI and deep learning technology portfolio, and Cerence Cloud Services, a suite of connected cloud products that extend drivers’ digital lives into their mobility ecosystem, which serve as the foundation of Cerence Mobility Platforms. With a unified hybrid embedded-cloud architecture and increased cloud fluency that gives way to enhanced capabilities and services, Cerence Drive and Cerence Cloud Services enable the company to leverage its decades of automotive expertise to expand into a broader set of key mobility markets.

Cerence Mobility Platforms include:

  • Cerence Automotive Platform – the world’s leading OS-agnostic, hybrid conversational AI ?platform to accelerate innovation for automakers and tier one suppliers. The Cerence Automotive Platform delivers a humanized, personalized experience with a multi-modal approach inclusive of voice, gesture, and gaze that enables seamless connection to drivers’ digital worlds, both inside and outside the car.
  • Cerence 2-Wheeler Mobility Platform – connected technology that transforms the riding experience in the rapidly growing two-wheeler category, including motorcycles, e-bikes and scooters?. The Cerence 2-Wheeler Mobility Platform offers a complete, connected two-wheeler solution with an enhanced HMI experience, including smartphone integration and projection of the phone onto the headunit, as well as conversational AI-powered assistant capabilities, setting a new standard in digital connectivity. The platform supports both iOS and Android phones and comes with out-of-the-box integration with Bluetooth headsets and helmets. With the Cerence 2-Wheeler Mobility Platform, riders not only have distraction-free navigation, ride planning, vehicle tracking, and service reminders at their fingertips, but also the use of their mobile phone as an extended headunit dashboard.
  • Cerence Building Mobility Platform? – AI- and voice-enabled interaction for elevators and smart buildings, especially critical in the age of Covid-19 and increasing consumer demand for touchless interaction. Built to be quickly and seamlessly integrated with an elevator’s native operating system, the Cerence Building Mobility Platform enables passengers to control the elevator without pressing the button. Using Cerence speech recognition technology, passengers can simply tell the elevator their desired floor, or even the name of the company or person they are visiting in the building. The Cerence Building Mobility Platform offers global language coverage with the capability for simultaneous, multilingual conversation as well as cloud connectivity for directory service and additional in-elevator content.