Airbiquity, Cloudera, NXP Semiconductors, Teraki, and Wind River have announced The Fusion Project – a multi-party automotive technology collaboration. The core aim of the collaboration is to create, and define, a streamlined data lifecycle platform that will support the advancement of intelligent connected vehicles.

Built on a combination of technologies from the project’s participants, the platform will allow automakers to efficiently collect, analyze, and manage, connected vehicle data that will aid the development, deployment, and evolution of connected features. This data is mutually beneficial for automakers and customers alike. For customers, it can be used to power new data-centric features; for automakers, it can generate new revenue opportunities.

However, collecting, analyzing, and managing it presents several challenges for automotive manufacturers – such as fragmented data management across the machine learning lifecycle, inaccuracies caused by static machine learning models, limited capabilities in intelligent edge computing, and insufficient in-vehicle computing power.

The Fusion Project will address these challenges by pre-integrating technologies into a solution that automakers can easily evaluate. This solution creates a capable, and efficient, data lifecycle platform from data ingestion, via over-the-air machine learning model updates, without a loss of data fidelity (maximizing system decision accuracy). Automakers can then introduce it into their design and production cycles for next generation connected and autonomous vehicles.

The group have said that the first step to achieving their core goal is the development of an intelligent lane change detection solution. Much like their data lifecycle platform, it will utilize a combination of technologies from the project’s participants – including Airbiquity’s over-the-air software management technology, Cloudera’s (edge to AI) data lifecycle solutions, NXP’s vehicle processing platforms, Teraki’s edge data AI, and Wind River’s intelligent systems platform software.

While details on the rollout of technologies developed by The Fusion Group have not yet been announced, David LeGrand (senior industry and solutions marketing manager for manufacturing and retail at Cloudera) has said that testing will begin in Europe.