LIZHI, a UGC audio community and interactive audio entertainment platform in China announced that its audio product has been launched in Mercedes Benz S-Class cars via Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) for Car.

On December 14, 2020, LIZHI announced that its audio products had been launched in HMS for Car, which, leveraging the capability of Huawei Mobile Services, provides users with rich content and in-car services by combining Huawei’s AI engine with its ecological resources. The partnership with Mercedes-Benz S-Class indicates a new benchmark for HMS for Car Quick App services to create the “digital luxury” while LIZHI’s audio product also has been launched in Mercedes Benz S-Class cars as the content ecological co-construction party of HMS for Car.

With the increasing number of car companies partnering with HMS for Car, LIZHI will continue to provide selected high-quality audio content to users of the partner companies of HMS for Car and their products, including Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and aim to tap into a broad user base. Meanwhile, leveraging LIZHI’s leading audio technologies and operating capabilities and the capacity of HMS for Car to integrate data between mobile phones, watches, speakers, smart screens and other devices, LIZHI expects to provide users with high-quality listening and audio entertainment experience to meet users’ increasingly diversified driving demands.