Audi expands its selection of plug-in hybrid models by launching sales of the Q5 Sportback TFSI e quattro on European markets. The SUV coupé is rolling off the assembly line in two output levels: The Q5 Sportback 50 TFSI e quattro delivers 220 kW (279 PS) of performance, the Q5 Sportback 55 TFSI e quattro delivers 270 kW (367 PS). On both models, the lithium-ion battery can store 14.4 kWh of net power – enough for an electric range of up to 61 kilometers (37.9 mi) according to the WLTP (71 kilometers (44.1 mi) under the NEDC).

The lithium-ion battery is located below the luggage compartment floor. It is made up of 104 prismatic cells and can store 14.4 kWh (net; 17.9 kWh gross) of energy with a voltage of 381 volts. For optimal temperature control, its cooling circuit is connected to both the coolant circuit for the air conditioning system and the low-temperature circuit that supplies the electric motor and power electronics. The air conditioning system comes as standard with an integrated highly efficient heat pump that bundles the waste heat from the high-voltage components.

It can generate a heat output of up to 3 kW with 1 kW of electric energy, which increases the car’s energy efficiency and provides a more comfortable climate for the occupants.

All plug-in-hybrids in the Q5 family come as standard with the charging system compact for the garage. At an industrial electrical connection with 400 volts and 16 amperes, a full charge takes roughly 2.5 hours at 7.4 kWh of power. At a 230-volt household power socket, charging takes roughly 8 hours and 15 minutes. While on the road, the driver can also charge at public charging terminals with the standard mode 3 cable with a type 2 plug.

Audi’s proprietary Audi e-tron Charging Service makes charging on the road convenient by providing access to some 200,000 charging points in 26 European countries. One card is sufficient to start the procedure, regardless of the provider.

Charge management from the couch: the myAudi app:

The myAudi app allows customers to use the services from the Audi connect portfolio on their smartphones, which is particularly attractive with the plug-in hybrid models. They can use the app to check the battery and range status, start the charging process, program the charge timer, and view the charge and consumption statistics. In addition, the route planners in both the app and the MMI navigation in the car show charging stations.

Another function of the myAudi app is pre-entry climate control before setting off. The customer can determine exactly how the interior should be heated or cooled while the battery is being charged. Pre-entry climate control even works when the car is not connected to the power grid – provided it has a sufficient state of charge. Audi offers comfort auxiliary air conditioning as an option. It allows the customer to specify a desired temperature and to also have the seats and windshield heated, depending on the equipment.