The new Carnival replaces the outgoing Sedona, will be offered in four trim levels: LX, EX, SX, and SX-Prestige, and features a wide range of standard and optional technologies.

The infotainment system hosts much of the technology that comes as standard for Kia’s new MPV, including its 8-inch touchscreen and wireless integrations with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Near the screen, a 3-inch navigation display, and a 3-inch digital instrument cluster, can be found. Drivers and passengers can enjoy wireless smartphone charging at the front of the vehicle, with nine USB ports spread across the Carnival’s three rows for easier access. It also supports multi-Bluetooth connectivity, allowing several Bluetooth-enabled devices to be connected to the car simultaneously. Other features include a Bose Premium sound system, featuring 12 high-performance speakers around the car, and Bose CenterPoint technology that boosts the quality of stereo audio sources for a richer, surround-sound, experience. The system comes equipped with Bose’s Dynamic Speed Compensation technology, which automatically adjusts the volume and tone of music based on the Celebration’s speed – reducing the need for drivers to make adjustments as they drive.

Kia’s UVO link telematics system expands the Celebration’s technology offerings, with an array of advanced connected features. Connected Routing, a new cloud-based route calculation system, uses UVO Cloud to calculate optimal navigation routes – drawing on a combination of real-time maps and predicted upcoming traffic info (based on historical information and AI) to learn the user’s preferred routes. The enhanced UVO Voice Assist feature allows users to control the vehicle’s climate, seat and steering wheel heating, audio system, and other functions through voice control.

Kia’s Connected User Profiles allows customers to add an additional driver profile to their vehicle. They can have their individual UVO accounts linked to the vehicle and access the remote features using the Kia Access App. The profile stores some vehicle settings in the user’s UVO account and can be shared with other compatible Kia vehicles. The 2022 Celebration also lets users sync their Google or iCloud calendars with UVO link, allowing them to receive event notifications from their personal calendars and, in some cases, provide navigation to the event’s destination. If the user cannot get to the destination from their vehicle, Last Mile Navigation provides them with walking directions to the destination from up to a mile away via the UVO Link app. Kia customers can access Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant through the OEM’s UVO & Smart Speaker Integration feature, allowing them to remotely control some vehicle functionality with their voice. The 911 Connect and Roadside Assistance feature will automatically attempt to call 911 via the built-in UVO modem if an airbag deploys. For non-emergencies, it can connect with 24/7 roadside assist and share the vehicle’s location.

Other features that are accessible from the UVO link app include Engine Idle Notification and Automatic Engine Shut Off. This feature notifies users (via the UVO Link smartphone app) if the engine has been left idling and, after a pre-selected time, automatically turns off the engine. Rear Occupancy Alert allows users to enable push notifications, via the UVO link app, if movement is detected inside their vehicle.

The 2022 Kia Celebration is expected to go on sale in the second quarter of this year, with a starting price of $32,100.