ThunderSoft, the operating system products and technologies provider recently reached an agreement with Human Horizons to establish a new joint venture, which will focus on the development of SOA framework for next-generation connected vehicles.

The new joint venture will be operated by ThunderSoft. It will leverage ThunderSoft’s advanced operation system technologies plus Human Horizons’ outstanding design concept and ee architecture to research and develop middleware that can run through different modules of connected vehicles, including chassis, VDCM (vehicle dynamic control module), BDCM (body dynamic control module), IDCM (Intelligent dynamic control module) and ADCM (autonomous dynamic control module). In addition to this, it will also provide software development tools and consulting services for automakers as well as auto parts related enterprises throughout the world. The first produced model that adopts the joint venture’s SOA framework will be HiPhi X. And it will be launched in China’s market in May.