Envision Group launches “Mochi”, the world’s first mass-produced, mobile smart charging robot that is 100% powered by green electricity. The new charging device was unveiled today at Envision’s Net Zero Day in Shanghai, and will be commercially available starting in June this year.

Charging stations are currently limited for EV drivers in part because pre-installed charging points are often occupied by other users in public spaces. Mochi can be deployed in many locations and will automatically find and charge EVs, which saves time and hassle for the drivers. As more EVs hit the road, Mochi will provide a flexible solution to help meet this increasing demand for charging stations.

Mochi operates on Envision Group’s EnOS intelligent operating system, which connects and manages over 200GW of renewable energy assets globally. The system provides Mochi with 100% access to green electricity, allowing EVs, charged by Mochi, to offer passengers a truly green ride.

Mochi is compatible with most mainstream EVs on the market. Powered by Envision’s AESC vehicle-security-level batteries, Mochi has a capacity of 70 kWh and a 42 kW power output. Mochi can charge an EV in just 2 hours for a cruising range up to 600km.

Subscribing the service through a Mochi App, EV drivers can leave their cars and count on Mochi to charge the EVs automatically. After receiving instruction, Mochi will set up a smart charging plan, locate the EV, and start charging independently. During charging, Envision’s EnOS system will conduct real-time monitoring on the EV battery, along with a comprehensive health examination to ensure its safety.