Continental, and mobility software provider Iteris, have entered into a collaboration agreement to explore intelligent infrastructure solutions for communities across North America. With the goal of readying cities for advancements in connected and automated vehicle technologies, the partnership is designed to help ensure safer and more efficient mobility.

The future-oriented traffic infrastructure collaboration will leverage automotive sensors and infrastructure-to-vehicle (I2V) connectivity to make city transportation systems across the region more efficient, while supporting local and regional transportation agencies’ efforts to achieve their Vision Zero goals.

Information generated by the automotive sensors will be used to enable collective perception capabilities. In addition to sharing a connected vehicle’s location with other V2X-enabled devices, collective perception messaging enables the vehicle to share what it senses – such as a pedestrian or car – with the rest of its connected environment.

The collaboration is focused on improving the current transportation infrastructure, while working toward a more balanced, intelligent, and optimized infrastructure that communicates seamlessly with the mobility ecosystem in the future thanks to expanded sensing capabilities.