In a significant statement affirming their dedication to driving the future of personalized in-vehicle occupant monitoring, automotive tier-1 Continental begins a technology collaboration with innovative Israeli startup, CU-BX. 

CU-BX, formally ContinUse Biometrics Ltd., is a provider of contact-free driver well-being and in-cabin environmental comfort applications. The CU-BX solution holds the potential to considerably elevate the driving experience through its suite of sensing solutions that detect physiological parameters in multiple environments.

Continental’s Cabin Sensing systems’ gesture-based information combined with CU-BX’s bio-parameter-based analysis to detect key physiological data provides a new level of driver-monitoring for safety and comfort. Using artificial intelligence and advanced analytics the CU-BX system delivers sophisticated well-being insights such as information on stress, fatigue, comfort, and health.

The many capabilities of the CU-BX system combined with easy integration into Continental’s Cabin Sensing system has both companies looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.