Continental and hydrogen specialist Censtar intend to expand their strategic cooperation for the Chinese market.

The companies have formally signed an agreement that aims to develop dispensing hose solutions for hydrogen refueling stations. In the future, they will work together to drive future mobility and advance carbon-neutrality. Hydrogen has a very broad flammability range, making the safe and efficient dispensing of it a key process at hydrogen refueling stations.

Therefore, stricter requirements apply to the performance of hydrogen-related hose systems. Requirements that, for example, regard higher chemical stability, low permeability, resistance to high pressure, aging, and hydrogen embrittlement. The expanded partnership will see both companies establish a dedicated team responsible for in-depth cooperation on specific projects related to meeting those requirements.

Continental will leverage its global experience in the field of rubber and thermoplastics to develop high-performance hose solutions for hydrogen dispensing and transferring. Likewise, Censtar will provide its market know-how in hydrogen dispensers in China, hydrogen storage systems and hydrogen industry, including market trend, technical requirements etc.