Wejo, the UK vehicle data company, and Waycare, a cloud-based AI solution for traffic management, have announced they will deliver a joint offering to 20 geographies across the United States. Wejo’s data will supplement Waycare’s existing traffic data sources, providing American traffic agencies with a comprehensive understanding of conditions and the ability to detect and predict incidents, but also respond faster and more effectively based on real-world, near real-time data in a single platform from which they can all collaborate.

Stalled vehicles, debris, traffic stops, and congestion pose safety risks to the vehicles and travelers on roadways. These are also incidents that can require the involvement of many different agencies to resolve – including first responders, roadway maintenance crews, service teams, and traffic management operators.

Those agencies work hard to respond quickly and effectively when issues arise, but often get their information from, and communicate on, different platforms and face issues with incomplete or delayed data about an incident.

By supplementing its data sets with real-time connected vehicle data, Wejo allows Waycare to produce actionable insights (like automatic incident detection and crash prediction) that ultimately improve road safety. The partnership will also provide agencies with more visibility into rural roadways, where physical infrastructure is often lacking.