Kia’s UVO Connect app update includes enhanced graphics, revised menus, and new features that aim to make UVO Connect easier to use.

The app allows users to remotely access vehicle information such as trip data and statistics, vehicle location, and lock status. EV owners experience additional functions – such as the ability to remotely set climate control levels, view the vehicle’s charge status, plan charging schedules, and check the range radius based on the remaining charge.

The updated UVO Connect app features new icons and delivers a focus on personalization. For example, an image of the owner’s model is displayed, and a customisable home menu offers shortcuts to frequently used functions. Users can also check their vehicle’s connection status and, through the app, can view calendar appointments and weather information. The app’s revised settings menu enhances security by integrating haptic feedback and taking advantage of enhanced biometric identification.

When activated, customers can also access vehicle features such as ‘Last Mile Navigation’ and ‘Valet Parking Mode’ directly from the app’s home screen. ‘Last Mile Navigation’ directs consumers to their precise location once their car is parked, while ‘Valet Parking Mode’ enables customers to monitor their vehicle remotely when it is being driven by someone else. Customers can also use the app’s augmented reality guidance capability to find their car in a busy area, such as a parking garage.

The UVO Connect app is available now and can be downloaded via the Google Play and Apple App stores for free.