AWS customers in the automotive sector and beyond can now use their existing cloud infrastructure to make their data available on Otonomo’s Vehicle Data Platform. This comes as a result of Otonomo integrating its platform with AWS’s Connected Mobility Solution.

The data stored on Otonomo’s platform can be utilized for a wide variety of use cases, including fleet management, insurance, in-vehicle management, emergency services, mapping, EV management, subscription-based services, parking, predictive maintenance, in-vehicle services, traffic management, and smart cities.

The Israel-based start-up also announced that they are now a part of the AWS Partner Network (APN). The APN helps companies build successful AWS-based business practices and solutions.

The integration of Otonomo’s platform with AWS’s Connected Mobility Solution aims to streamline a number of processes for the OEMs and automotive data providers using AWS. These include scaling their vehicle data operations, sharing vehicle data securely (while complying with regulations), and utilizing vehicle data to deliver services that impact the driving experience.