EV Connect has announced that it will migrate most of the customers on its MyEVroute Network to the EV Connect Network in the coming months. Previously owned and managed by Koben Systems Inc., MyEVRoute customers will soon be able to benefit from EV Connect’s charging services.

EV Connect offers an integrated EV charging platform (with machine learning hardware diagnostics, grid management, and driver support) for charging hosts, network operators, and fleet managers across North America. As part of the migration, it will transition around 200 charging stations to its own EV Connect Network and take over operations and maintenance support for these stations. Former MyEVroute Network charging hosts will be given access to EV Connect’s Management Software. The company is presently working with charging hosts to provide service and maintenance on qualified charging equipment.

To ensure a smooth transition to the EV Connect network, the company has also begun collaborating with many of the former Koben Systems charging hosts in Canada – including parking lot operators, nationwide banking, hospitality, and real-estate companies, and community centers. Likewise, EV Connect is also establishing relationships with Canadian resellers, such as OZZ Electric and Signature Electric, to further streamline this migration.