Infosys has announced the launch of its Automotive Digital Technology and Innovation Center in Stuttgart, Germany – building on its commitment to drive innovation and IT infrastructure within the automotive sector.

The new center brings experts from the automotive and IT sectors together to share knowledge, skills, and innovation. As a part of Infosys’ partnership with Daimler, automotive IT infrastructure experts based in Germany will transition from working with Daimler AG to working at the new center. Encouraging sustainable growth within the German automotive sector, it will provide its customers with tools to meet the country’s growing demand for EVs.

Infosys will provide training and innovation labs and will focus on industry transformation – including the infrastructure required to design future and advanced technologies such as AI, automation, and electrification. The center will also spotlight the IT company’s commitment to sustainability – leveraging resources such as a sustainable data center (which operates on renewable energy and zero water consumption).

Through its new center, Infosys will support Daimler – strengthening its IT & data center infrastructure and driving its competitive edge in line with its ambitions to standardize, consolidate, scale, and transition to net-zero with a seamless customer experience. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Sommer, formerly Daimler’s Director of Digital Foundation, has been designated as the CEO of Infosys’ Digital Technology and Innovation Center in Stuttgart – which is a separate legal entity and officially called Infosys Automotive and Mobility GmbH & Co. KG.

The center promotes a multi-cloud, carbon neutral, approach to IT infrastructure transformation. It will leverage Infosys Cobalt – a combination of Infosys services, solutions, and platforms that supports enterprises in accelerating their cloud journey – alongside other leading cloud providers to do so. Through this approach, the center will enable an anytime, anywhere, workplace primed to address present and future needs. It also offers the opportunity for other automotive OEMs to leverage its IP and tools, and unlock valuable growth opportunities.