Hyundai Mobis presented the company’s ambitious plans to the press representatives.  As the first step, Hyundai Mobis explained that it will be able to expand the skateboard module business, leveraging the company’s full portfolio of electric powertrain as well as its experience and know-how as a module provider.

The company also presented several innovative mobility technologies that will shape the era of future mobility from driving to charging. One key product here is the Augmented Reality Head-up Display(AR HUD). Based on the hologram technology, it projects intuitive driving information in real-time on the windshield, saving the drivers from insecure road exits or wrong turns.

The next thing, Communication Lighting technology utilizes the DMD(Digital Micromirror Device) lamps, projecting lights either on the vehicle itself or onto the road to indicate driving signs for both the driver and passengers/other drivers.

In addition, the Automatic Parking System will autonomously find the perfect parking spot for the car, while Autonomous Charging Module will enable the drivers to forget about their charging duties. These mobility technologies are certainly expected to protect the drivers as well as enhance their driving experience.

With these technology innovations and the mature overall portfolio, Hyundai Mobis showed confidence that it is going on the right track to help shape the future of the automobile in the paramount European market.