XPeng Motors has announced the P5, an all-electric family sedan equipped with a number of new, and upgraded, ADAS and infotainment features.

Several of the P5’s new features and upgrades stem from ADAS. For instance, it is the first model from the OEM to feature LiDAR, which allows the P5 to more accurately recognize its surroundings – such as vehicle, pedestrians and small objects – in low-light settings and adverse weather conditions. The P5 features a suite of 32 perception sensors, including 13 cameras, 12 ultrasonic radars and two double-prism LiDAR units (exclusive to the P5’s 600P & 550P trims), that enable a 360-degree view to support its ADAS operations. These sensors are powered by XPILOT 3.5, the latest version of the OEM’s core ADAS that also comes as standard on the P5’s two highest configurations.

In addition to enabling the expansion of its semi-autonomous Navigated Guided Pilot feature to city roads, XPLIOT 3.5 features a driving safety proficiency test, which ensures that the P5’s safety functions are being used at all times. The EV’s adoption of LiDAR also allows for the expansion of previous XPeng features. The OEM’s ACC and LCC systems will be upgraded to ACC-L and LCC-L in the P5 and will allow both systems to detect small objects more clearly. Another new feature is VPA-L, a Valet Parking Assist that utilizes the P5’s LiDAR to memorize parking spaces and autonomously park the car in cross-story parking scenarios.

The P5 will launch with six configurations – the 460G, 460E, 550G, 550E, 550P and 600P. The number represents its range in kilometers, while its letter of each model represents its intelligence level (from G to P). As such, customers will be given the choice between a 460km, 550km and 600km range when buying a P5. The battery capacity and type of battery also varies between these models, with the two 460 models supplied with a 55.9kWh battery, the 550 models supplied with a 66.2kWh battery and the 600 model fitted with a 71.4kWh battery. Likewise, the 460 models use a lithium-ion battery pack to achieve this range, while the P5’s other trims take advantage of a ternary-lithium battery pack. Across all six trims, customers can experience an acceleration rate of 0-100km/h in 7.5 seconds and a heat pump air conditioner – which improves driving range in the winter by 15%.

Across all trims, the P5 features the latest generation of XPeng’s Xmart infotainment system, which is hosted on a 15.6-inch central touch screen & a 12.3-inch instrument panel. Xmart 3.0 takes advantage of a Third-Generation Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit Platform for the quick processing of infotainment operations. The most prominent of these in the P5 comes from the vehicle’s full-scenario voice assistant, which sees voice control natively integrated into more than 100 of the EV’s apps. The assistant, which can be accessed by both the driver and passengers, works to assist, inform, and entertain the vehicle’s occupants. Other infotainment features include a Bluetooth range of more than 30 meters – allowing users to connect with the vehicle and their user profiles from their mobile devices. The EV’s interior itself is reconfigurable and can be reconfigured into a full-length cinema that takes advantage of the P5’s 8-speaker surround sound audio system, a projection screen, or a full-length private sleeping compartment.

XPeng confirmed that the P5 EV is available to order now and that its first deliveries will begin in China from the end of October. Depending on which variant the customer chooses to buy, its recommended retail price will range from RMB 157,900 to 223,900 (equivalent of a range between $24,484 and $34,717). A release window or price point for regions outside of China has not yet been confirmed by XPeng.