Analog Devices Inc. announced that British brand Lotus Cars is planning to incorporate ADI’s wireless battery management system (wBMS) in its next-generation electric vehicle (EV) architecture.

ADI’s wBMS technology eliminates the traditional wired harness, leading to a reduction of wiring and volume in the battery pack. The body architecture of every Lotus car is designed for peak performance. The design flexibility of wBMS will enable Lotus’ engineers to design the vehicle and fit the battery pack into the design. Moreover, because ADI’s wBMS enables maximum energy use per cell required for optimized vehicle range, it aligns with Lotus’ focus on durability.

The battery must be able to keep up with the Lotus Car’s lifetime. wBMS enables state-of-health measurement and simplified assembly and disassembly of battery packs to ensure faulty battery cells can be removed and repaired. Since the battery modules are software programmable for over-the-air upgrades, serviceability is easier for both road vehicles and trackside with wBMS. Also, the cell controller lives with the battery module for life as one serviceable unit.