Mercedes-Benz is taking an equity stake in European battery cell manufacturer Automotive Cells Company (ACC) to scale up development and production of battery cells and modules. Joining ACC is the next step on the luxury car maker’s strategic course from “Electric first” to “Electric only”. ACC will supply Mercedes-Benz with high-performance battery technologies from its production locations from mid of the decade.

Mercedes-Benz is pursuing research and development activities in the field of battery technology. The company will contribute this expertise and support the expansion of ACC’s production network based on the brand’s benchmark quality standards. With Saft, an affiliate of TotalEnergies, Mercedes-Benz has a partner in the field of long-life batteries and battery systems for applications critical to safety, back-up power and electric and hybrid drives. Stellantis brings industrialization expertise to the joint venture through its brand diversity, size and global footprint. Together with its partners, Mercedes-Benz customers can benefit from the joint venture’s unique combination of technological know-how, production experience and scale.

With the investment, Mercedes-Benz is driving forward the industrialisation of advanced and sustainable cell technologies in Europe. Mercedes-Benz is expanding its established partner portfolio in order to safeguard the degree of localisation in the procurement of battery cells and modules as a key technology for the age of electric mobility.

Sustainable cell technologies

The aim of the partnership is the joint development of cells and battery modules that meet the high energy density, charging power and performance requirements of Mercedes-Benz. The joint expertise of the partners in cell technology and cell production means that variations in the modular system can be optimally realized with respect to cell chemistry and cell height.

The CO2 neutral production of battery cells is an important component, and a specific requirement for all partners. ACC will therefore primarily use electricity from renewable energies for the production of high-performance battery technologies. Other important sustainability aspects are the responsible sourcing of raw materials and use of resources. For the battery cells, only battery raw materials which were extracted from certified mines will be used. For a closed raw material cycle, ACC battery cells will be over 95% recyclable.