Honeywell announced that Ultium Cells, a joint venture between LG Energy Solution and General Motors (GM), will use Honeywell’s Quality Control System (QCS) for the lithium-ion batteries produced at its new manufacturing plant in Lordstown, Ohio. Due to be completed in 2022, the factory will produce lithium-ion battery cells for GM electric vehicles.

Honeywell’s QCS will deploy scanners and basis weight sensors to serve as the quality control platform for four of the Lordstown plant’s production lines. Honeywell’s system will help Ultium Cells meet key quality requirements by measuring electrode coat weight, a key parameter in the production of battery cells. In addition, Honeywell’s modular platform will help Ultium Cells by adapting measurement and control technology as battery cell production requirements evolve.

Honeywell’s QCS offers end-to-end measurement and control capability to ramp up from pilot operations to commercial scale and is an integral part of the overall Honeywell Process Solutions Operations Technology portfolio for lithium-ion battery cell production.