General Motors announced a new “end-to-end” software platform for its cars called Ultifi. GM says the new software will enable new software-defined features, over-the-air (OTA) updates, in-car subscription services, and new opportunities to increase customer loyalty.

The automaker envisions the new software powering a variety of features – from in-vehicle weather apps to a facial recognition system capable of automatically enabling the car’s child locks upon detecting a child’s face. GM envisions the new platform interacting with other smart devices, such as a customer’s internet-enabled thermostat or a home security system.

The Linux-based system will also be available to third-party developers who may want to create apps and other features for GM customers. Ultifi will also be cloud-connected, meaning GM will be able to make decisions for its customers without their input. For example, if a vehicle’s owner left their sunroof open and weather services are predicting rain, the vehicle’s software can automatically close the sunroof.

In the future, a driver may decide they want to test out Super Cruise, GM’s ADAS, on a forthcoming road trip. Ultifi can enable activate a subscription to Super Cruise for the duration of this trip, canceling it once they have arrived at their destination.

GM has confirmed that Ultifi will start rolling out to its vehicles, both electric and gas-powered, in 2023.