Ericsson and AT&T have announced a five-year agreement to accelerate the expansion of AT&T 5G. This deal supports the deployment of the service provider’s recently acquired C-band spectrum as well as the launch of its 5G Standalone system.

Ericsson will help AT&T bring its 5G network to consumers, businesses and first responders across key industries. This broad coverage will enable a variety of 5G use cases, including those in sports and venues, entertainment, travel and transportation, business transformation and public safety.

The evolution of AT&T’s network has been made possible in part by the Ericsson Radio System portfolio, which includes the Advanced Antenna System, Advanced RAN Coordination, and Carrier Aggregation technologies. These deployments will support future network enhancements like Cloud RAN.

Cloud RAN supports a centralized RAN architecture enabled by Ericsson Fronthaul Gateway, a new technology that will enable transport of the fronthaul interface by converting it to packet (eCPRI). It will enable communications service providers to evolve towards cloud-native technologies and open network architectures to meet the demand for deployment flexibility.