Hyundai Mobis has announced a foldable steering system that enables the folding and unfolding of a steering wheel. It has been designed for future mobility vehicles, with the system allowing for more space in the driver’s seat.

The steering wheel featured in the new system is capable of moving up to 25cm forwards and backwards. The development of the technology took around two years, with the company currently filing patents for it around the world. During this time, Hyundai Mobis designed new core parts for its system – including a column and a reaction force control device, and applied a sliding rail mechanism.

The foldable system also enables the application of assorted designs. These include a storage type where the steering wheel can be retracted into the dashboard, as well as the foldable one. It is also compatible with Hyundai Mobis’ Steer by Wire (SBW) steering system.

The SBW system controls steering with electrical signals by connecting the steering wheel with a device designed to deliver the force generated from the steering wheel to the wheels. It enables the provision of optimal steering performance on various driving conditions and minimizes the vibrations that come from a rumble strip or a speed bump to the steering wheel.