HERE Technologies has announced HERE Probe Data – a new data service capable of delivering insights on how road users and vehicles move across the transportation network.

It addresses the growing demand from public transport agencies, cities, and companies across the automotive and transport and logistics industries, to better understand road-centric mobility patterns. It provides a range of use cases for these industries, including traffic management and congestion planning based on microscopic traffic analysis, alongside optimized traffic signal timing for congestion flow management.

HERE Probe Data can also aid infrastructure and city planning by modelling seasonal and historical movement and route patterns. It can also help manage air quality and facilitate the installation of smarter street lighting. For drivers, a key use case of the service will be is its ability to provide predictive guidance for infotainment and ADAS based on seasonal and historical traffic, speeds, and route patterns.

The service is comprised of billions of GPS data points from vehicles on the road gathered by HERE every day, leveraging over 150 different probe data providers. This includes anonymized, near-real-time and historical data. Each data point includes information about the date, latitude, longitude, direction, and speed. The data from each vehicle is artificially broken to enhance privacy and avoid linking it to individuals, trip origins or destinations.

HERE Probe Data is available in more than 30 countries and will soon be available as a subscription service on the HERE Marketplace.