Wejo has announced an expanded collaboration with Microsoft through which its real-time mapping and traffic data will be integrated with Microsoft’s mapping services to deliver enhanced accuracy, safety, and efficiency to its location services. The expansion of the strategic relationship follows Wejo’s previous announcement that it will build its suite of data and intelligence solutions on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

Wejo’s proprietary data platform will enhance Microsoft Azure Maps and Bing Maps services with real-time, accurate information across the U.S. and Europe. This information includes live updates on street-specific traffic, brand new roads, and parking availability.

The connected vehicle data start-up has said that its expanded partnership Microsoft can enhance its mapping solutions to provide users with a more seamless, intelligent and cost-effective driving experience. Wejo additionally said that its proprietary data sets can also benefit Microsoft, helping them perpetuate improved smart city applications in a consolidated, map-based application. This will allow for the visualization of pertinent information crucial to its mapping users.