Geotab has launched Driver Feedback, a new in-vehicle coaching service for its Integrated Solution for GM. Developed in collaboration with GM Fleet and OnStar Business Solutions, Driver Feedback delivers spoken alerts in real-time to help drivers keep their eyes on the road – promoting good driving habits and enhancing safety.

Driver Feedback is designed to trigger events through audible alerts delivered by the vehicle’s infotainment system when certain driving conditions are met. It provides insights into specific driving behaviors to create awareness and encourage safe driving by coaching drivers in real-time.

The service is capable of delivering auditory alerts in response to a variety of events. For instance, the seat belt alert sees a “Driver seat belt unbuckled” audio message reminds occupants of an unlatched seat belt. The alert will remind the driver of this every 15 seconds until the seatbelt is latched.

Driver Feedback’s “hard acceleration detected” audio alert occurs within five seconds of such an event and uses an intentional delay to avoid additional driver distraction. The “hard brake detected” audio alert occurs for hard excessive braking, improving the lifetime of the vehicle’s brakes. In a similar fashion to the previous alert, this alert occurs within five seconds of the event and also utilizes an intentional delay to avoid driver distraction.

Through the service’s speeding alert above posted speed alert, an audio alert is played in the vehicle once the vehicle speed exceeds the posted speed, and the preset threshold, for 15 seconds. This alert is repeated every 15 seconds until the driver reduces their speed to be within the posted speed limit plus preset threshold. A similar alert plays when speeding is detected above the preset maximum speed.

Driver Feedback’s in-vehicle coaching features and availability will vary by vehicle model and year. The Posted Speed monitoring feature, for instance, will be disabled for any vehicle whose infotainment privacy settings are set to mask the vehicle’s location.

Geotab confirmed that the majority of Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac models from MY 2015 or newer (equipped with compatible OnStar) can access the service through the GM Premium+Driver Feedback plan. The solution is immediately available for fleet managers in the U.S, with no additional hardware required for its installation.