SAIC Motor has announced that HERE Technologies will power the connected IVI systems of MG cars in South-East Asia, Oceania, Western Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and India.

This system includes HERE Traffic which provides real-time information on traffic flow and conditions, helping drivers reach their destinations safely and more efficiently. The SAIC Motor system includes the latest connected vehicle services from HERE – including HERE Parking, HERE EV Charge Points, and HERE Fuel Prices – which provide drivers with dynamic and highly relevant information on their route ahead.

MG’s i-SMART mobile app (available for iOS and Android devices), includes a set of IoT solutions that combine the value of the IVI system with the app itself. i-SMART will utilize HERE’s mobile Software Developer Kit (SDK) that provides MG’s software developers with a variety of location features such as mapping, routing, geocoding and search, traffic, transit, and navigation.

HERE Technologies is supporting the SAIC Group’s expansion outside China by providing access to global map coverage and country-specific, local market knowledge. All of MG’s vehicles, including both its conventional and electric vehicles, will benefit from HERE’s services. These services are planned to be made available immediately in South-East Asia, Oceania and Western Europe. MG plans for the services to roll out across Latin America, India and the Middle East in the coming months.