Next.e.GO Mobile SE has announced the launch of the e.Pit, a smart battery swap solution. The service is part of the OEM’s mission to boost lifecycle sustainability in urban mobility.

The service allows customers to swap a nearly depleted EV battery with a fully charged one. Within a month of this exchange, customers can then then pick up their fully-charged original battery at the same station. e.GO has said that it will provide its customers with a unique battery ID, found within its smartphopne app, to ensure that they remain the owner of their original battery.

e.Go’s e.Pits will be provided to all e.GO customers at no cost for their annual swap quota. The battery swap procedure takes itself around 60 minutes, though e.GO is aiming to reduce the timing of this process to a targeted 30 minutes in the future.

Two swap stations are already open in Aachen factory and Zülpich (Pardemann service partner), with further stations planned for Düsseldorf and Hamburg among other locations.