EVgo and General Motors are set to expand their partnership to develop fast-charging infrastructure across the U.S.

Together, the two companies will build a further 500 DC fast charging stalls, bringing the total to 3,250 through 2025. The expansion will also reach 12 more metropolitan markets than initially planned. The companies had previously announced plans to build 2,750 stalls through 2025.

Stations that are part of the program are currently live in eight states, including Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and North Carolina. The program will further extended to Alabama, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Texas. Through it, EVgo and GM aim to provide charger access to customers living in multi-unit dwellings, or those renting their homes, who can’t install chargers or access home or workplace charging solutions. Likewise, the companies envision the stalls being used by drivers who prefer to charge en-route.

The new EVgo sites will deploy new power sharing technologies, including high-power fast chargers capable of delivering up to 350 kW of power. These stalls will allow owners of compatible EVs to replenish 150 miles of range in less than 12 minutes.