Kia has announced the latest iteration of its Sportage SUV, complete with a new technology suite. On entry, drivers are greeted by a integrated curved display featuring a pair of 12.3-inch HD screens. These are complemented by a liquid-crystal instrument cluster and the central touchscreen, which hosts the vehicle’s infotainment system.

Connectivity is key for the new Sportage, which supports over-the-air software and map updates. Likewise, the Kia Connect smartphone app allows users to connect to their vehicle remotely to sync calendars, plan journeys, and access key onboard features including live traffic alerts, local fuel station information, and real-time weather forecasts.

The app can also remind the driver if their doors are locked, the windows are up, and where they left their vehicle. An integrated infotainment and climate control system ensures front seat occupants can efficiently access key controls without the need to scroll through multiple menus.

Further convenience features in the infotainment system include a smartphone charging bay for wireless charging and USB fast chargers.

Along with ICE models, the all-new Sportage will also be available with mild-hybrid (MHEV), hybrid (HEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) powertrains. Kia has confirmed that the vehicle will go on sale in the second half of December 2021.