Wejo is partnering with Microsoft to build cloud infrastructure to deliver near real-time vehicle data and enhanced predictive analytics.

The company has reported further progress in its partnership with Microsoft in which its suite of data assets are being built on the Azure cloud platform. This allows for near real-time data exchange and the ability to deliver a range of new solutions to the broader mobility sector.

To date, Wejo has ingested 12 trillion data points from around 12 million connected vehicles. Information from these points on locations, road conditions, and weather, are combined with Azure to ensure it remains secure and scalable.

As the volume of Wejo’s data grows, Azure’s AI capabilities enhance predictability, leveraging near real-time data modelling to help reduce the number of road traffic accidents. This is one of several use cases of Wejo’s data, which can be utilized across a broad array of use cases across the mobility, automotive, and mapping sectors.