Elli, a subsidiary of Volkswagen that provides sustainable energy and charging solutions, has partnered with ev.energy to launch Volkswagen Naturstrom Connect a household electricity tariff. The tariff will use ev.energy’s platform to market it to new EV owners and manage the tariffs of existing customers.

The new tariff has been developed by directly integrating the energy tariff with EV charging usage, controlled through the Naturstrom Connect smartphone app. The app will integrate directly with Volkswagen vehicles through an owner’s Volkswagen ID, enabling a login and connected mobility experience.

The customer can allow their charging to dynamically respond to the carbon intensity on the grid and, in exchange, they will generate one reward point for every qualifying smart charge over 7 kWh. For every 10 points generated, the customer will receive a €5 bill credit credited to their annual electricity bill. The customer can save up to €100 per year and will be able to track their energy use, carbon avoidance, and energy savings over time.

The Volkswagen Naturstrom Connect tariff and Volkswagen Naturstrom app were launched to customers August 2021. The tariff will only be available in the German market initially.