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Following its initial reveal in 2019, Fisker has unveiled the production-ready version of the Ocean, its electric SUV, at the opening conference of this year’s LA Auto Show. Upon release, the vehicle will be available in three trims – Sport, Ultra, and Extreme. There will also be an exclusive launch trim, called the One, that will be limited to 5,000 units.

The Sport serves as the Ocean’s base trim and leverages a lithium-ion phosphate battery for a driving range of 250 miles (402 kilometers), a 0-60 mph time of 6.9 seconds, and a maximum power output of 275 hp (202 kW). The Ultra trim extends this range to 340 miles (547 kilometers) through a Hyper Range battery pack supplied by CATL while delivering a reduced 0-60 time of 3.9 seconds and an increased maximum power output of 540hp (397 kW). The range-topping Extreme trim shares the same specifications as the One, with both supporting a 350-mile (563-kilometer) range on the Hyper Range battery, a maximum power output of 550 hp (404 kW), and the ability to go from 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds.

Across the board, the Ocean SUV delivers a variety of new technologies and features geared towards user convenience. All models come with a standard Limo Mode allows rear-seat passengers to control some vehicle functionality as well as Fisker’s Revolve touchscreen. By default, this 17.1-inch central display is set to a portrait-oriented Control Mode. In the One and Extreme trims, however, a Hollywood Mode can rotate the display to landscape when the Ocean is parked to support in-vehicle entertainment.

A range of driving modes are similarly provided, with each trim offering a different combination. The Sport trim includes Earth and Fun driving modes, while the Ultra trim builds on this by offering a Hyper Mode alongside a California Mode. When enabled, this mode opens the doors and retracts the roof to deliver a simulated convertible driving experience. The Extreme and One trims bundle all of these modes together with an exclusive Off-Road mode. Also exclusive to the two highest trims is Fisker’s SolarSky roof, which captures enough solar power to supply up to 1,500 miles of driving per year (based on the system operating at 5.4 kWh per square meter).

All trims will also be supplied with Fisker Intelligent Pilot, Fisker’s proprietary ADAS, as standard. While the OEM has not yet revealed the features supported by the system, it did confirm that it would take advantage of a suite of sensors (including radar, ultrasonic sensors, and cameras) to provide advance warnings, braking functions, and convenience features to support driver safety. All Ocean models will also feature Fisker’s own set of V2L and V2G technologies called PowerCar, Power Grid, and PowerHouse. These allow the car to charge other EVs, send power back to the grid, and become a back-up energy source for the home in the event of a power outage.

Fisker has confirmed that the Ocean will begin production at a carbon neutral Magna Steyr factory in Austria from November 2022 ahead of a Q2 2023 launch. Customers will be able to purchase the EV at the end of next year and can reserve one now with a $250 deposit. Before federal and state tax credits and incentives, the Ocean Sport will cost $37,499, and the Ultra will cost $49,999, while Extreme and One models will be offered at $68,999. The OEM will also sell the SUV on its own Flexee Lease program, which will include a 30,000-mile annual driving allowance. On the program, the Ocean Sport will cost $379 per month after a $2,999 initiation and activation fee. Lease pricing for other trims will be confirmed at a later date.