Volvo Cars has revealed Concept Recharge, a concept EV that represents the automaker’s future. The reveal aligns with its plans to only sell BEVs by 2030 and achieve climate neutrality by 2040.

By producing the car with sustainable materials, equipping it with tires made from recycled and renewable materials, and improving aerodynamics, the concept reduces Volvo Cars’ carbon impact.

When this steps are combined through a decarbonized supply chain, manufacturing process and use phase, there is an estimated reduction of 80% in the CO2 impact of a vehicle against a 2018 XC60. This would mean that the Concept Recharge would have an overall life cycle CO2 impact below 10 tones when charged with renewable energy.

The interior design adopts a mix of natural, recycled and sustainable materials. Some examples given of the materials use include responsibly sourced Swedish wool, environmentally responsible textiles, and lightweight composites created from natural sources.