Wallbox has announced the launch of Eco-Smart and Power Boost, its first home energy management features for EV drivers in the U.S. Eco-Smart and Power Boost come standard with Pulsar Plus, a smart home EV charger in capable of 11.5kW (48 Amp) charging.

Eco-Smart uses a power meter to measure the energy from a home’s rooftop solar system to charge an EV in an efficient and sustainable way. It lets homeowners determine the source and mix of power to be delivered to the EV, and is available in two modes. It can also be controlled through the myWallbox smartphone app if the user prefers to switch to all-grid power.

Full-Green Mode detects when there is enough surplus green energy available from the home solar PV system to allow an EV to be charged with renewable energy. Eco Mode blends grid energy with surplus green energy from home solar panels, maximizing charging speed while taking advantage of the available power from the home solar PV system.

Power Boost is designed to allow for the installation of a more powerful charger where the home’s electrical capacity might otherwise require limiting the power available for EV charging.

Power Boost can measure the real-time energy usage of a household and dynamically adjust EV charging power. This permits users to install a more powerful EV charger in their homes. When electrical consumption of the household is increased, or when air conditioning is in use, EV charging power can be reduced to avoid overloading the electrical system. As household electrical consumption decreases, EV charging power increases so that users can charge at maximum speed.

Both Power Boost and Eco-Smart are embedded within Pulsar Plus and can be through the myWallbox app and with the professional installation of a power meter kit.