Tritium has announced a collaboration with EVCS to expand EV charging solutions in California, Oregon, and Washington. EVCS will purchase more than 400 Tritium fast chargers, building on its existing fleet of more than 100 Tritium chargers.

The fast chargers ordered by EVCS range from 50kW to 175kW and are expected to account for nearly half of its fast charging network when deployed. The charge point operator will provide drivers with a variety of payment methods – including its mobile app, Apple Pay, Google Pay, a credit card, or through a monthly subscrption model that offers unlimited charging.

Both companies are looking to work with several government bodies to benefit from Californian incentives to grow the network further. California-based organizations have recently created several financial incentive programs to increase EV technology adoption across the state. The California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CALeVIP) continues to expand in the state, providing rebates for Tritium’s fast chargers.