Skoda has announced Powerpass, a service that provides EV drivers in Europe with access to more than 260,000 charging points across the continent – including fast-charging stations within IONITY’s network.

These points can be accessed through the Powerpass smartphone app (available for iOS and Android devices) or a RFID card. The app can identify the suitable charging stops based on a user’s planned route to reduce range anxiety.

The service bills customers monthly, while the app allows them to view their charging history, and costs, at any time. The app also assists users in managing their SKODA iV Wallboxes at home (providing it supports remote access and the activation of charging transactions via RFID card).

Users can also take advantage of Powerpass when travelling abroad due to it being processed centrally at a transparent market price instead of individually at each charging point. This is listed in the monthly statement along with an overview of the charging transactions and costs.

To use the service’s complimentary RFID card, the user must install the app and register on a tariff. The card can then be ordered and connected to their account, after which the app will display the user’s activated tariff model, current charging prices, registered cards, and charging history