Hitachi Energy has announced a new partnership with Clever, a charge point operator based in Denmark, focused on sustainable mobility. The goal of the partnership is to ensure that Denmark’s EV adoption is fully powered by renewable electricity and underpinned with energy storage.

The partnership’s work will begin in early 2022, with Clever launching a fast-charging EV pilot station in Køge – a transport and commuter link to Copenhagen. This station will be the first to include Hitachi Energy’s large-scale e-mesh PowerStore battery energy storage system (BESS). Incorporating the BESS will allow Clever to provide a sustainable mobility solution to its customers that leverages clean electricity to enhance its availability.

Designed to integrate directly into the local electricity grid, it can also provide ancillary services where power from several distributed sources, such as the BESS itself or AC chargers, can be sold back to the main grid. During periods of high usage on the grid, the BESS can be used to charge the EVs directly.

When the Køge station opens, it will be able to charge 16 EVs simultaneously across eight 300 kW charging points.