Continental has detailed the technologies it will present at the ITS America 2021 Annual Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina. Through showcasing its latest products, the supplier intends to demonstrate how it is encouraging increased road safety and an enhanced driver experience.

It will offer attendees a demo of its Wrong Way Driver system, which warns at-risk drivers about vehicles traveling the wrong way. These alerts are delivered in advance and detail the vehicle’s speed and direction of travel – allowing drivers to take proactive safety measures in response. The system’s technology utilizes a combination of sensors, connected-vehicle systems and a heat-mapping algorithm developed by Continental. The company describes it as a self-learning system that is packaged in roadside equipment to define the roadway and direction of travel.

The demo itself puts users behind the wheel of a car and into a scenario with a wrong way driver. Participants will experience the situation with, and without, the system in a driving simulation along I-75 highway in Southeast Michigan. It is near this area where Continental recently installed the first deployment of the system .

Another system on show will be Continental’s Intelligent Intersection, with some of its capabilities demonstrated through an Augmented Reality 3D display. Intelligent Intersection adopts V2X to connect vehicles to smart infrastructure, enhancing safety for a broad range of road users. In the process, smart infrastructure makes drivers aware of their surroundings – including pedestrians, bikers and other vehicles. Through a tablet, the demo allows users to explore an interactive 3D cityscape where several situations are simulated at an intersection – demonstrating how the system operates and adapts to different road scenarios.

Continental will also use the event to showcase Vantage Fusion, a new product developed with Iteris – an infrastructure developer for the smart mobility sector. The detection system uses a combination of video and radar sensors to accurately detect, track, and classify all road users – including vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Through data collected by it’s sensors, the system enables cooperative perception capabilities, which allows a vehicle to share its surroundings with the rest of the connected environment. It similarly allows V2X information to be shared between infrastructure and connected vehicles, improving the safety of vehicles and vulnerable road users.

Continental will display its ContiConnect Live fleet management system. It works to improve fleet management by collating tires data to offer monitoring in real-time. Based on the cloud, the system offers over-the-road live monitoring across an entire fleet.

In this demo, attendees can interact with the UI to experience how ContiConnect Live would work in a typical fleet. For real-time monitoring, tire sensors send data to a connected device in the vehicle, which then transmits to the cloud. Through the ContiConnect portal, the status and history of a full fleet can be identified. Continental’s yard-based tire monitoring solution will also be on display.

Continental’s Engineering Services division will also have a presence at the event to demonstrate its Digital Services Platform. The end-to-end solution facilitates mobility for vehicle sharing and fleet use. The platform will offer its users a suite of technologies – including hardware and software services. When managing a fleet, the platform can be customized for different functions, including vehicle monitoring and diagnostics, payment, driver license verification, and software updates.