Iteris and Continental have announced Vantage Fusion, a hybrid traffic detection system that enables vehicle-to-everything (V2X) applications and advanced intersection visualization. With it, both companies aim to facilitate the safety, intelligence, and sustainability of roadways in the future.

By adopting a combination of cameras and radar sensors, Vantage Fusion works to accurately detect, track and classify the user’s surroundings – including other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. With this data, the system can then visualize a detailed top-down view of an intersection in real time. Sensors are similarly used to enable its cooperative perception capabilities, which allows the user to connect and send information with other V2X-enabled devices. This information, for example, could detail what Vantage Fusion has detected through a vehicle’s sensors.

The solution is similarly capable of providing critical infrastructure data, through V2X communications, to connected and autonomous vehicles. Iteris confirmed that Vantage Fusion would support compatibility with a number of its products and services, including BlueTOAD Spectra CV, ClearGuide SPM, and VantageLive!, in addition to web and mobile-based traffic measurement applications from third parties.

Vantage Fusion is the first solution launched under a collaboration between Iteris and Continental which aims to increase the safety of city transportation systems across North America. To achieving this goal, it plans to leverage automotive sensors and infrastructure-to-vehicle connectivity to jointly develop a series of new products. Both firms hope that these solutions will facilitate intelligent, optimized, infrastructure that, through enhanced sensing capabilities, can communicate effectively with mobility ecosystems in the future.