Iteris has been selected by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) as part of the Southwest Research Institute team to develop a V2X connected vehicle data exchange platform. The platform will enable FDOT to analyze real-time road conditions and communicate critical travel information to road users, state and local government entities, private-sector partners, and other stakeholders.

The FDOT project will perform this analysis on data captured from devices found in connected and automated vehicle and smart mobility infrastructure networks. A key objective of the project is to standardize the collection, analysis and sharing of data from several proprietary systems, which have different coding and encryption methodologies.

The exchange will capture anonymous data from both standardized onboard units communicating directly with FDOT-owned roadside units, and the proprietary data feeds of various OEMs. This connected vehicle data is then fused with data from FDOT-owned infrastructure and third-party data feeds. This data stream will provide the basis for real-time, historic analysis – leveraging a combination of machine learning and traditional algorithms.

Other participants of the FDOT program include Ford Mobility – who will supply V2X data from its connected vehicle platform – Florida International University, Amazon Web Services, and Google. The program is also supported by a number of OEMs and several logistics and fleet companies.