VinFast has announced that its first three EVs, the VF e34, VF 8, and VF 9 models, will utilize HERE Navigation. The OEM also confirmed plans to integrate HERE’s software development kit (SDK) into its smartphone app.

HERE’s navigation system will provide VinFast customers with multi-stop route planning based on the charge level of their EV. If the driver decides to change their route, HERE Navigation automatically points out the charging stops along it. Users can also benefit from daily updates to HERE’s EV Charge Points POIs and global coverage, as well as up-to-date availability information of EV charge points.

Other HERE Navigation features include online and offline search and routing, traffic information, active lane assistance and turn-by-turn voice guidance. By investigating HERE’s SDK into Vinfast’s smartphone app, users can leverage advanced location services to support their journeys

In addition to delivering HERE’s navigation system for its customers, the collaboration will enable VinFast to upgrade its navigation offerings through over-the-air updates – allowing for new features and services to be delivered across the vehicle lifecycle.