Arval and Ridecell have announced a strategic partnership that aims to accelerate the development of new end-to-end mobility solutions for Arval’s customers in Europe. Through coupling its fleet automation and mobility platform with Arval’s car leasing market, Ridecell assist Arval’s corporate customers in the region with their mobility needs.

The new platform will launch first in Belgium during the first half of 2022 ahead of a other countries in Europe before the end of the year. Ultimately, through the platform, both firms aim to grow Arval’s car sharing fleet by 50% every year and gain a strong customer base around the globe. The five-year agreement between the two companies aligns with Arval’s strategic plan, Arval Beyond. The plan aims to provide customers with integrated, connected, mobility experiences and clean transportation through 2025.

Ridecell’s car sharing platform will provide Arval’s customers with a number of benefits, such as a decentralized booking system which allows employees to use cars without calling their fleet manager as well as a customizable service that allows customers to provide mobility to other employees for professional and private trips. Further benefits include automated workflow actions and optimized tools to help customers achieve their CSR and CO2 reduction targets.

The new platform will also integrate with the Arval Mobility App – Arval’s B2B mobility-as-a-service platform. The partnership will provide support to Arval’s Mobility Hub concept – which gathers shared mobility options including cars, bikes, and micro-mobility solutions in one location.