Porsche has relaunched its digital service offering for smartphones and combined the functionality of multiple apps into the new My Porsche app. Available for iOS and Android devices, the app will be allow customers to interact with their car. It will also provide the functions of the OEM’s prior smartphone apps – My Porsche Essentials, Connect App, Porsche Charging, Porsche – Good to know, and Car Connect App.

The app is compatible with Porsche vehicles from model year 2016 – including its hybrids and EVs. When the app is connected to the user’s vehicle, it displays important vehicle information – including its fuel or charge level, mileage, and current location – as well as statistics from the car’s driving history and the settings of its VTS tracking system.

The app can control select vehicle functions remotely – allowing users to lock/unlock their vehicle, adjust its HVAC settings, and activate auxiliary heating from their smartphone. In addition to providing a new way for Porsche owners to interact with their vehicles, the app will also work to support them in the charging process, contacting the dealership, or booking service appointments.

If the vehicle unexpectedly exceeds the applicable speed limit, the app will send a push notification to alert the user. Through the app, customers have access to the OEM’s digital operating manuals and supporting video content.

My Porsche’s functionality extends to infotainment, where it can connects with the user’s entertainment and calendar accounts with the vehicle’s corresponding apps. Likewise, destinations and points of interest can be synchronized between the smartphone and the Porsche Communication Management system.

The My Porsche app is available for Apple devices running iOS 14 and later and Android smartphones running Android 8 and later. Customers can sign in with their Porsche ID or make a new account directly within the app. The scope of its functions can vary depending on the model, model year, and availability.