Toyota has launched its redesigned Noah and Voxy minivans in Japan, both of which aim to provide a convenient user experience through a variety of new infotainment features and technologies.

The Display Audio infotainment system hosted on the central display in both vehicles is the first to support the OEM’s Connected Navigation system. The system enables destination searches and route settings through center-acquired navigation data related to maps, facilities and traffic congestion. An optional voice-recognition service can be used to set destinations for Connected Navigation and control some vehicle functionality – including the HVAC and power windows. Toyota will provide customers with a complimentary five-year trial to the service upon purchase of either minivan.

Display Audio is offered in two grades – at base is an 8.0-inch display for the system. The higher grade, called Display Audio Plus, sees the system hosted on a 10.5-inch screen and supplied with onboard navigation. Both grades support Connected Navigation.

Toyota’s new minivans are also equipped with an in-vehicle WiFi hotspot and data communication model (DCM). Included as standard, the DCM enables unlimited data transfer for smartphones and other devices connected to the hotspot. Likewise, both vehicles will be capable of receiving software updates over-the-air to improve and update their features over time.

Both models feature Toyota’s Advanced Park system. The new function, that includes a remote function, features in Toyota’s Teammate suite of advanced driving support technologies. Advanced Park expands support in parallel parking situations and enables pulling or backing out of a parking space in forward and reverse parking situations. The feature’s remote function allows a smart key on the user’s smartphone to remotely park the vehicle or exit a parking space from outside the vehicle. 

Software updates enable the vehicle to always have the latest version of software via wireless communication or a dealer’s wired connection. While also adding new functions that become available after vehicle purchase, the updates can enhance vehicle performance.