BlackBerry Limited has announced plans to expand its collaboration with Marelli to advance the development of new cockpit technologies in China. The expanded working relationship between the two companies aims to accelerate the deployment of integrated Digital Cockpit solutions for OEMs worldwide.

As part of the expanded collaboration, Marelli will begin to implement BlackBerry’s QNX platform for Digital cockpits into its Electronic Systems Cockpit and Digital Cluster solution. Here, Marelli has chosen two of the firm’s technologies to power its Cockpit Domain Controller – BlackBerry QNX Neutrino RTOS and BlackBerry QNX Hypervisor. The former has already been adopted by Marelli for several of its forthcoming projects in China. The controller itself is an in-vehicle system which features infotainment and digital cluster functions.

In leveraging both technologies, Marelli’s Cockpit DCU solution will be able to consolidate multiple systems with mixed criticality and different operating environments onto a single hardware and software platform. This consolidation working to reduce development and ownership costs while ensuring high safety and security standards.

The expanded China partnership follows similar technology-based collaborations between the companies in 2016 and 2018. In 2016, the firms began co-developing embedded cockpit systems for major OEMs in China. In 2018, the companies extended the scope of the collaboration, utilizing the QNX platform for Digital Cockpits in Marelli’s Electronic System Cockpit and Digital Cluster solution.