TomTom has announced that it has joined the Mobility in Harmony (MIH) Consortium. Initiated by Foxconn, the Consortium unites more than 1,300 strategic partners from across the automotive industry to develop the next generation of EV, autonomous driving, and mobility service applications.

These partners are involved in a variety of industry operations, including additive manufacturing, cyber security, data storage, battery development, and sensor technologies. Likewise, the Consortium also has members from outside the industry, with larger electronics companies like Seagate and Dell Technologies supporting its goals.

The Consortium itself has said that it considers TomTom’s experiences in digital cockpit and navigation UX for EV drivers to be a significant addition to the Open EV alliance. The developer’s proprietary engine leverages advanced map and traffic data, alongside information from the vehicle and its surroundings, to provide reliable navigation routes tailored for EVs. These routes work to help drivers efficiently reach their destination free from concerns around range anxiety.

As a member of the MIH Consortium, TomTom will collaborate regularly with the global automotive and technology leaders who are also members of the program. Through this collaboration, the company will help drive the consortium’s strategic direction, accelerate innovation, and influence future trends in the mobility industry. Specific details on how TomTom will collaborate with the Consortium will be revealed in the near future.