Chrysler has unveiled a Graphite variation of its all-electric Airflow Concept at the 2022 New York International Auto Show, following its initial reveal at CES 2022 earlier this year. The reveal follows news that the brand will launch its first BEV by 2025 and offer an all-electric vehicle lineup by 2028.

The concept has been designed to represent the OEM’s future direction – highlighting the design, technology, and connectivity features that characterize its shift to becoming an all-electric vehicle brand. Though, ultimately, Chrysler has said that it has been designed as a space to virtually and physically unite people.

The backbone of the concept’s core UX stems from its adoption of STLA Brain, Stellantis’ new E/E and software architecture. With it, developers can create and update their automotive features and services quickly through over-the-air functionality. Built on top of STLA Brain, STLA SmartCockpit works to integrate the digital lives of its users into the vehicle. Here, it delivers AI-based applications such as navigation, voice assistance, e-commerce marketplace and payment services.

The Airflow Concept unifies these technologies and communicates through advanced visualizations – employing multi-layered, high-contrast graphics to enhance its ease of use. A menu-based format, screens throughout the interior can be personalized, simplified and organized based on the user’s interests. Information on the screens can be shared with all passengers by swiping, while each screen can be personalized, with a different set of connected entertainment, apps and downloads on each. Each seat also features a built-in camera, enabling occupants to participate in a group video conference call from inside the vehicle. These features and more can be added to and improved across the vehicle’s lifetime through over-the-air updates.

The concept features all-wheel-drive capability and is powered by two 150 kW electric drive motors in the front and one in the rear. Although, Chrysler has confirmed that the Airflow Graphite can accommodate larger capacity motors – offering the potential for high-performance applications in the future. While specifications around the concept’s battery have not been confirmed, the brand said that it has been designed to deliver a maximum range of 400 miles on a single charge.