General Motors and INRIX have announced a collaboration to develop safety solutions that will help transportation and planning agencies achieve their road safety goals.

Available first in the U.S., and leveraging the GM Future Roads platform, Safety View provides transportation officials with critical insights using crash, vehicle and vulnerable road user information alongside from the U.S. Census. The application helps prioritize and measure the effectiveness of roadway safety projects and their impact on communities.

With it, transportation professionals can gain access to a range of critical safety and demographic datasets in a unified, cloud-based application. It works similarly to aid the funding application process, providing the required datasets and analytics tools under one application.

The app’s cloud functionality allows its users to evaluate the impact of a Vision Zero action plan by utilizing near real-time insights through visual analysis tools. At the same time, Safety View can identify hazardous roadway segments through insights focused around the elements that elevate its risk, prioritizing those that need the most attention.

Through Safety View, both companies are ultimately looking to leverage their experiences to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries across the nation. Likewise, the application itself will provide a tool to support data-driven decision making and maximize the safety benefits of infrastructure spend, while providing insights to help support safe roadways and communities.