Lexus has unveiled the 2023 version of its UX SUV, the UX 200/250h, ahead of its launch this summer. The SUV has received upgrades across several domains – including safety and infotainment.

One of its key features is a digital key, which comes as part of a dedicated Lexus smartphone app. It allows the user to lock, unlock, and start the vehicle’s engine through their smartphone. The vehicle can be operated with just one smartphone, even if there the user has several vehicles assigned to the digital key they own.

A new Panoramic View Monitor combines video feeds from the UX’s front, rear, left and right side cameras – displaying them on the center display. A newly added under-body transparent display function combines images of road surface conditions taken in the past with an image of the vehicle underbody. With this feature, Lexus aims to help drivers understand road surface conditions and tire position below the vehicle.

The larger, higher resolution, 12.3-inch/8.0-inch touch display is mounted closer to the driver, with the shapes and switch layout of both the instrument panel and console area have been optimized accordingly. In front of the center console, two USB Type-C charging connectors have been installed and the wireless charging space has been vertically extended for enhanced usability. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can also be utilized on this screen, with wireless support for Apple’s solution via Wi-Fi.

The SUV’s in-vehicle software solution, hosted on this central touchscreen display, prioritizes accessibility throughout its design. Here, it continually displays navigation, music, vehicle settings, and other menu selection icons along the driver side.

A new navigation system leverages cloud-based map data to obtain real-time traffic and parking lot availability information. Lexus customers can benefit from the OEM’s hybrid navigation solution, which combines a traditional system with a connected one.

The system is also configured with a web browser, allowing users to browse websites through an Internet connection which utilizes a Data Communication Module. This module also allows the vehicle to receive OTA software updates, which add new functions and features while enhancing the UX’s performance.

On the steering wheel, a dedicated talk switch actives the SUV’s voice recognition system which can also be activated on on the display, or vocally through the ‘Hey Lexus’ activation command. The system also supports conversational style operation, allowing it to recognize natural speech.

The ‘ My Settings’ function, which allows personal settings to be registered to the vehicle, now supports the saving of navigation, audio, and more multimedia settings. Added to smart keys, digital keys and Bluetooth devices such as a smartphone, they can also be used to identify the driver upon entry.